Horror Movie Watchlist for Halloween

Horror Movie Watchlist for Halloween

One of my favorite parts about fall and Halloween is the excuse to watch nothing but scary movies. They are my absolute favorite, and I’m always on the hunt for something good I haven’t seen before. I put together this list of some of my favs – some of them scary, some of them just plain good Halloween movies. I’d love to hear which scary movies are your favorites!

The Best Scary Movies That Ever Existed

30 Days of Night– If you are looking for a really scary movie, this would be a good choice. Not many movies scare me much these days (which is sad for more reasons than one) and this one definitely creeped me out. It’s about a small town in Alaska which is attacked by vampires (really scary one’s I might add) during the time of year when the sun doesn’t rise. I wouldn’t suggest watching this one alone.

Hocus Pocus– The most classic Halloween movie of all time! I don’t care how old you are or what you like, if you don’t watch this movie annually then you are dead to me. Word on the street is that they are currently working on a sequel (which I have mixed feelings about). While I would love to have more Hocus Pocus in the world, I’m a little worried about a sequel that doesn’t star the original cast.

The Thing– If you haven’t yet seen The Thing, you are missing out. Kurt Russell at his finest. Seriously, the lumberjack beard is working for him. It takes place in Antartica where a group of secluded researchers are mysteriously attacked by a creature that takes over their bodies.

Halloween (2007)– I was never a huge fan of the original Halloween, but I think Rob Zombie’s remake was pretty top notch. Just a warning: it’s pretty graphic and apparently too disturbing for some to watch, but for us sickos, it’s quality entertainment. The movie veers off slightly from the original story but offers a more in-depth plot that gives insight into Michael Meyers… the person.

Pet Sematary– We haven’t yet discussed the fact that I was started on horror movies when I was like 6. This is one of my first scary movies that I can remember. Of course Stephen King always gets it right, but the film adaption was just as amazing. I think the story is really unique and interesting. When the dad from The Munsters gets a part, you know it’s going to be good! I should also mention the sequel, Pet Sematary II, isn’t too shabby either.

Beetlejuice– This might be my all-time favorite movie. Everything about it is perfection. I’m in love with the actors (Michael Keaton is one of my fav’s), Tim Burton can do no wrong, and the plot keeps you entertained from beginning to end. Hands down the best any time of year!




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