June Favorites

June Favorites

I can’t believe summer is finally here (ok I know not technically but come on! June starts summer!). I feel like I’ve been waiting for the pool to open for centuries. Alas, here we are! We’ve enjoyed the past couple weekends spent outside with friends and working on some new landscaping.

The hubs and I are headed to Santa Rosa Beach in a couple weeks to spend some time with family and for some much needed R&R. I FINALLY got a new car after 15 years of driving the old cavalier so we are excited to make the trip in comfort and with electric windows 😉 If you’ve never visited 30A in Florida, I highly recommend checking out the area. It’s definitely a different vibe than other parts of the state which is really unique and beautiful.

Check out some of our favorites we’ve rounded up, sure to make your June waaaaaay more fun!



  1. Bolero Hat
  2. Polished Gold 8 Stack Bracelet
  3. Monogrammed Dog Pillow Cover
  4. Turquoise Cord Earrings
  5. Chloe Eau De Parfum
  6. Sunglasses
  7. Soho Leather Disco Bag
  8. Petal Palette Monogram Mug



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