After a few days spent in San Francisco, we headed to Napa for a couple days. My cousin Melissa is a winemaker there so we got the royal treatment! We slipped up to Sonoma for a couple hours to check it out. The drive from Napa to Sonoma is insane! We got to drive around the Sonoma square and look at the cute shops and restaurants. I would love to come back to see more of the area. After that we made the trip to Petaluma to go to Lagunitas for dinner and drinks. We have spent a considerable amount of time at the Lagunitas in Chicago, so we were really excited to check out the OG.


We stayed the night at the Napa River Inn which was super cozy; we even had a fireplace in our room! It overlooked the Napa river and had beautiful scenic views. There are a ton of restaurants close by so it’s really convenient to just walk around the area since everything you need is right there.


The next morning we stopped at Oxbow Market which is an Instagrammers paradise. Plus they have cupcakes and beer so we were happy campers. After that we met up with my family to start touring the wineries. We started at RoundPond Estates which was absolutely gorgeous! It was everything you expect a Napa Valley Winery to be. Lush and green, beautifully landscaped and 100% pure California. This might have been my favorite winery of the trip. They had a beautiful full garden that had fruits and vegetables you could pick off the vine and eat. Next level strawberries let me tell you.




They also had some chickens hanging out drinking wine. I’m just kidding . . . they weren’t drinking wine . . . but I bet they wish they were. I named this guy Frank. I wanted to take Frank home. He was cute.



The great thing about RondPond is that not only is it a winery but it’s also an Olive Oil Mill. It was such a cool experience to get to have an olive oil tasting fresh off the tree. They also had some delicious balsamic vinegar.

When you do an olive oil tasting they don’t typically serve the oil with bread; they instead suggest that you sip it or dip your finger into the cup to taste. It’s a little weird at first, but the idea is that you get the true taste of the oil which is how the oil makers would. With the vinegar they actually start off with a sugar cube that soaks up the vinegar. You suck on the sugar cube (ideally before it starts to dissolve and crumbles apart in your hand) to get the truest taste of the vinegar. If you ever have the opportunity to try it, I highly recommend it!

By the way, this is my red truck pose. I hope you like it.


Lastly, we headed to Antica where my cousin was making some fine whhhhhines. She’s a badass in case you were wondering. Antica has some of the most incredible views as its located in the hills of Napa Valley. There is a lot of history that goes along with the fascinating tour. We did our wine tasting that came with several delicious accompaniments like strawberries, chocolate, nuts, and cheeses. We got a behind the scenes tour with my cousin then headed out for dinner. I should warn you, if you get motion sickness like Moi, the trip up here is a little rough. Don’t forget your Dramamine (unless you like to suffer). In that case, you are weird.


Ever been to Napa? What are some of your favorite wineries?



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