San Francisco

Mitch and I recently had the pleasure of taking a trip to San Francisco to visit family. It was the trip of a lifetime! I couldn’t imagine a better vacation. Time spent with family, beautiful scenery and the most incredible food! We even made a trip up to Napa and Sonoma but more about that in the next post.

I have been lucky enough to visit San Francisco several times in my life. It’s been quite a while since my last trip, and I was so lucky to show Mitch why I loved it so much. My Aunt and Uncle met us at the airport, and without wasting any time, we headed straight to the Golden Gate Bridge. Wouldn’t it be cool if those people in the picture below were us? No idea who they are. Anywho, it was such a beautiful day! Unseasonably warm and hardly any fog. There was also a really cool art exhibit going on at a building where we stopped to view the bridge so we checked that out as well.

We stopped and met my cousin for lunch, walked around Mission for a bit and then headed to Benecia (where my Aunt and Uncle reside) for a delicious homemade dinner which included Raclette. I’m officially obsessed with Raclette now, thanks Aunt Maureen!

Golden Gate Bridge

We got to take a trolley ride around the city and stopped at random bakeries for the most delicious goodies!

SanFran2We are huge baseball fans (Go Cardinals!) so we jumped at the chance to go on a tour of AT&T Park where the Giants play. I had several Giants players on my fantasy team this year so I was extra excited! We got to see the entire stadium including the locker rooms and team benches. I haven’t seen many other stadiums besides Busch stadium, but AT&T park is absolutely breathtaking. The views are incredible and unlike anything I’ve ever seen before.

SanFran3SanFran4SanFran5We spent a couple minutes in a suite that costs more than my annual salary. So that was fun.

SanFran6Tom Hanks is my favorite so I had to.

SanFran7My Aunt and Uncle have a membership at the Museum of Modern Art which means we had the best tour guides. It is so inspiring to walk through if you ever have a chance to visit. I promise you will be blown away. Plus they have this gigantic living wall!

SanFran8We also got to visit the Contemporary Jewish Museum where I promptly dropped my credit card, only to come back 1 hour later to find it on a chair someone was sitting on. It was one of the happiest moments of the trip, but also one of the most awkward. The museum was incredible, but I was really sad we missed the Stanley Kubrick exhibit by a day.

SanFran9Last stop before we went to Napa was Muir Woods. This was my first time visiting, and it was magical. You think pictures do it justice, but I’m here to tell you they really don’t. Words don’t really either. You just have to see it.

One thing I can tell you is that you should probably put your hair in a bun. It might not seem obvious to some (clearly not me), but it is ridiculously humid in there. It’s not a good look, trust me.

SanFran10SanFran11SanFran12SanFran14Have you ever visited San Fransico or are you lucky enough to live there? What are your favorite things to do?




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