Kali’s Bohemian Engagement Photos

Guys, my friend Kali is the coolest person I know. Literally. Look at these engagement pictures.

I met Kali about 8 years ago when I started selling furniture at Crate and Barrel. She is the store designer (bad ass extraordinaire) and we quickly became friends. My favorite things about her are her unwavering kindness, her selflessness, and her impeccable style. You should seriously see this girlsĀ apartment, it’s a bohemian heaven. While Kali and I don’t work together anymore, our friendship has only gotten stronger. I couldn’t be happier that she found love with Matt.

These amazing pictures were taken by the one and only Dina Zimmerman who just so happens to be the bride’s mother. These cool cats flew out to Arizona for a little R&R and some incredible pictures. I couldn’t imagine better pictures to capture Matt and Kali’s personalities and the love they share.

Next week, I’ll be sharing pictures from Kali’s wedding shower. I can’t wait to show you guys!


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